How do you ensure that the operational activities are performed in the interests of asset integrity?

The Integrity of the asset and the respective operations play a vital role in supporting both the visibility of such operations which feed into the safety and reliability of an asset, this is where eLogbook can help with capturing business processes that have integrity at the centre of what they do.


Safer Processes, Safer Places, Safe People

Asset integrity is critical to the safe operation and performance of supports this by ensuring that all processes that eLogbookan asset, require intervention are managed with the correct level of change and risk assessment.

The integrity of an asset can be tracked and monitored across a variety of key processes including operational risk assessments through to the management of change and in to more site specific controls as needed.

Take a look a some of the intiatives we are currently supporting across your asset

Functional modules

The following is a list of the software modules that exist in eLogbook to support asset Integrity.

Operational risk assessment

The adoption of rigorous and streamlined ORA practises is a key focus for process operators especially so at the present time with increased pressure on efficiency of operational cost and safety.

Management of Change

The tracking and management of the approval of asset changes through single point reference and collaboration with verification and asset integrity at the fore of decision making.

Joint integrity management

Joints and flanges play a key role in ensuring the integrity of pipework through which a liquid or gas is flowing through, therefore managing the lifecycle of maintenance of such pipework connections is key to preventing any failures.

Our Clients

We see our clients as our partners and as such value the input they provide to continually improve our software products.