Improving Reliability

Improving reliability is a key driver for all software implementations across the IT industry and especially important in environments that depend on production of produce for growth and sustainability.
Within eLogbook there are several key modules which improve reliability and efficiency

Asset Management

Our clients recognise that the use of our eLogbook software has delivered significant efficiencies and improvements to their operations.

Root Cause Analysis

With globally ageing assets which are being asked to work harder and longer, Reliability Engineering is a crucial area of growth for operators.

Actions & Tasks

The ability to capture action and task management data is a fundamental component of the eLogbook solution allowing for the detailed recording of an action which may comprise of a number of tasks.


The event management module gives the user the ability to gather all the relevant information at the point an event takes place, as well as being able to categorise the event via type or sub-type.


Like action, task and event management tools, the eLogbook Upsets to production module allows the user to map out the mechanics of the upset.

Joint Integrity

A joint endures varying degrees of stress over its lifetime, therefore maintenance is required regularly on these joints as they are "made and broken" over their respective lifetime due to engineering and maintenance activities, all of the data from which is recorded in the joint integrity workflow.

Managing Safety

Managing Safety is an important aspect when both personnel and assets are at use in performing the operations that are core to the business processes.
Within eLogbook there are several key modules which assist in safety management

Operational Risk Assessment

The adoption of rigorous and streamlined ORA practises is a key point of focus for process operators, and especially so at the present time with increased pressure on efficiency of operational cost and safety.

Critical Equipment Manager

The effective operation of Safety Critical Equipment is key to the safe operation of an Upstream platform and plays a crucial part in fulfilling the compliance with the Safety Case against which production operates.


Efficient handovers, be they shift or trip based, are critical to operational efficiency and safety hence eLogbook has built in handovers into the core of our system.

Locked Valve Manager

The accurate management of valves and their status is critical to the overall safe operation of a platform.


The registers module is used to manage asset equipment replacing the need for paper and Excel based alternatives.


The threats and vulnerabilties map, allows users gather and store large amounts of data relating to status and risk condition of platforms.

Temporary Portable Equipment

Temporary equipment when used offshore has the potential to introduce new hazards or adversely affect existing safety arrangements and as such needs to be measured and monitored closely.

Asbestos Register

The Asbestos Register is used to manage the lifecycle of all asbestos items together with the collection of key data to form an audit trail of the changes.

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